Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dust Removal

I don't know how so much dirt can get in to a little area so quickly. Sensor glass just seems to attract it! Anyway have to get over my little OCD about black spots. You can't even tell that these were riddled with the little buggers!


  1. I have seen but never tried, cans of compressed air. It should either help the dust or ruin the camera.

  2. Wonderful monos. Its amazing how many little spots you see when you get them up on the screen. I have yet to work out how to do a vignette, it makes the bottom shot.

  3. Lol compressed air is not so great as it can freeze the sensor glass and sensor. I just need to get hold of some swabs but can't find them anywhere but online from the states. Don't seem to be sold in Australia.

    As for the vignette. What program are you using? Photoshop you just need to merge all to a top layer and use FILTER>LENS CORRECTION. Go to the custom tab and slide the VIGNETTE slider.