Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back Again!

So the works been atrociously busy lately. Looks like I'm the only one left! Also we've had so much rain again in Alice. The Todd river, mostly dry, is still running almost 24 hours later. That's almost unheard of. There hasn't been that many opportunities to take photo's where there's shelter enough to keep my camera dry. Here's some shots though.


  1. Having spent all of, oh, two or three days of my life in Alice I don't think of it as a place for flowers. I can't imagine the Todd being so wet for so long. When we visited it was dry as the desert with many aboriginal people living permanently, it seemed, in the river bed.

  2. Welcome to the daily blogs. Fantastic to have one on Alice Springs now. We have friends in Fregon (a town within a days drive of Alice I believe) so I feel that I have some connection to your amazing town. We are hearing all about the floods in Queensland but didnt think that there was rain so far inland as well. Most interesting - thank you!

  3. What is it with Australians and standing by the edge of flooded roads? I like the vehicle driving into the storm.