Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wierd and Wonderful

There is a cornucopia of flowers in central Australia at the moment. Some I have never even seen in the five years I've been living here. This was part of a eucalyptus tree, there are 500 different varieties out here most of which don't have Latin names yet alone common ones. So if anyone can tell me exactly what type then please let me know.


  1. NFI ... but it is gorgeously grotesque! They are the seeds setting now that the petals have dropped off, right?

    'Her beauty and her terror ... '

  2. Lol. As a Tour guide, I used to tell the punters plants were Nofidea's. I didn't fill them in on the gag until we got back to Alice and had a few beers.

  3. Indeed - so strange!
    Like an owl's eyes!