Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Yard Sale.

So it's official. I'm now again a Novocastrian. Internet is up and running and I've been able to again login. Thank you to those guys that have enjoyed my pics and I'll be converting this site to a Newcastle and surrounds site very soon. Anyway I think that this little pic of my life being on sale is kind of cool.

Until I can get up some shots of Newie, I'll be putting up another couple from Alice. So please stay tuned this site is only going to get better!


  1. Happy Australia Day Mike. It is no fun being with the net these days, with or without a blog. So I take it you have moved 2,700 odd km to Newcastle on the coast?

  2. Umm ... sorry to be personal but ... what are all those rock-things trailing down that divider-thing?

  3. Ah that's the K-Mart special Ironing board. The pattern made it worth $15 lol