Thursday, December 23, 2010

Arunga Park Speedway

In Alice there isn't a lot to do once you've gone from short term/tourist to long term resident. There are a few occasions that bring together the "regular" people (there are some occasions that bring the "not-so-regular" people together also). One of these is when the speedway season starts. It isn't really a regular thing but it's a bit of fun for the rev-heads and the non-rev-heads alike.

One time I went with a bunch of friends and had to stop and get this sign. It's a lasting reminder that Alice Springs has always had this entertainment and I believe that the sign is the original dating back to the mid-sixties and it was sort of revamped in the eighties.

Anyway I loved using the polarising filter on this, it makes the background just pop that sign right out. And the black and white is also a nice retro touch, a kind of dark reminder that time just keeps passing Alice by.

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