Monday, December 27, 2010


While wild-life isn't that uncommon, like seeing a frilled-neck lizard on the way to work this morning (unfortunately no camera) seeing butterfly's out here on the edge of the desert is. So I jumped at the opportunity to take this before my puppy ate it!


  1. Yeah, my cats are partial to flutter-bys too. What sort of puppy? mutt or designer?

    Had to grimace at the bottle-top here ...

  2. The puppy is a bit of a camp dog. Cross staffy and lord knows what else.

  3. Welcome to CDP. My family and I visited Alice years ago while on holiday in Australia. We have strong memories - Ted Eagan's show, the aboriginal people living in the Todd riverbed, Anzac Hill. Hope to return some day but for now I will enjoy your photographs.

    Bob Crowe

    St. Louis DP

  4. Thanks and welcome to the site. Ahh good old Todd river, she's flowed many times this year.