Sunday, December 26, 2010

Food Leftovers

Boxing day lunch is almost as big as the actual day itself. These are some of the leftover Kipfler potato's and garlic getting cooked up in the BBQ again. I just loved the colours in this one because of all the yellow and orange and the bokeh works really well. Plus they were yummy.


  1. Yeah, I agree, they look really yummy. Maybe the bokeh could have been more extreme. What were your settings?

    Going to feed the entire mob, were you?

  2. Hi Mike, welcome to City Daily Photos. BBQ - just can't get my head around Christmas being weather for a BBQ somewhere in the world!

  3. LOL, yeah it was about 39degrees on christmas day. And we had a bunch of French friends around so there was food galore.

    Totally agree about the bokeh f/3.5 at 23mm. Brand new lens, in hindsight should have moved back and zoomed in a little more.