Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing with Camera

So the other day I got my new 60D and I have to say it's amazing. I also got an awesome Tamron 18-270mm f/3.6 lens. That night it was a full moon so I decided to take it through it's paces.


  1. *splutter* *splutter*
    ** drool **

    A Canon 60D ... I have an EOS 450 with a 300mm lens but it only goes down to F4.5 so I bought a F1.8 prime.

    My daughter would give her eye-teeth for a 50D to replace her EOS 400, but got a lovely F1.4 for Chrissy.

    I am expecting big things here, now Michael. Don't let me down!!

    PS ... tell your partner to check out the mad Irish fellas at O'Reillys on my blog tomorrow!

  2. LOL I will indeed. And I tell you going from stock-standard 450D with no trimmings to a 60D you sure do notice the differences. Loving the lens as well.

  3. Moon looks good. I have my trusty 5d and 17-40 also 70-200 2.8
    , ideally would like a bigger lens, but money is tight.

  4. Green with envy, that's exactly the set up that I want but I can't justify the expense. My Canon 400D with Tamron 18-250 will have to do a while longer. Hope to get myself a wide angle zoom before the next overseas trip but can't decide on which one. Oh to have the money to get low light L series lenses. Mind you, I don't think I could carry them.

  5. lol tell me about it. I was looking in to the L series but just too expensive until I can start to sell some photo's or do a couple of weddings!